Kitec Pipe Replacement

B-Tek’s team of skilled dry-wallers, painters, and tile-setters ensure that every part of the Kitec pipe replacement project is perfect. Our specialized crews have replaced piping systems in hundreds of condominium units since November 2016 and are familiar with piping systems as well as owners’ needs. Our team takes care of your unit as well as the condominium’s common elements. We give owners the peace of mind that the work will be done quickly and at high quality. 

Our team begins by covering your unit to protect your belongings from dust. We open small holes in tiles or drywall, creating minimal intrusion. To limit disruptions to your home life, we repair drywall in each area right after our plumbers are finished replacing pipes and fittings. We use paint-matching technology to ensure that repairs match your existing decor. We give your home a final clean when the work is done to make it look like new. 

Good meeting with you (George) to wrap up the whole Kitec pipe replacement plumbing project. Your A to Z, step by step process from the finalized quote, to the condo set up, the pipe replacement and clean up in only 5 days went extremely smooth. Note, that I did get 3 quotes in total and although yours was not the cheapest, it provided the most concise process to be completed in a promised timeframe. At our walk through yesterday, you took the time to explain to me what each of the new valves were for, how to use the shut off key and lastly, that you were only a phone call away.

My Kitec replacement work was completed and I am very satisfied with work done by B-Tek. The job that they provided is really well done.  I would highly recommend them as they are professional contractors and did everything as promised. They gave me the best price. Almost impossible to notice where walls were repaired.

Further to my earlier post about B-Tek replacing my Kitec plumbing… they did it this past weekend, took 2.5 days to complete… My place looks like they were never there. The entire time the plumbers or repairmen were there, George Kruja stayed with them and oversaw the entire project. So much care was taken … I was thoroughly impressed with everything. My place did not look like a construction zone in the evening and they took all their equipment with them each day as opposed to storing in my unit. I highly recommend B-Tek for your replacement. They were awesome from their estimate appointment, to their quote, to the work done.