Kitec pipe replacement

One of the first GTA companies to remove and replace Kitec piping, B-Tek has extensive experience in this field and specializes not only in ensuring high quality mechancial work, but also in ensuring perfection when it comes to the finishing touches.

The Kitec problem.


Kitec is a brand of plumbing that was used in many houses and condominiums built from 1995 to 2007. Kitec was installed for potable water pipes, as well as in-floor and hot-water baseboard heaters. It was advertised as a cheaper, easier to install and longer lasting alternative to copper plumbing systems, consisting of aluminum pipes wrapped inside and out in plastic PEX pipe, and joined by brass fittings.


Around 2005, Kitec pipes were recalled since they deteriorated rapidly and would fail at high water temperature or pressure. Many homes with Kitec plumbing systems faced floods causing water damage to their own units and neighbouring units due to Kitec pipes that leaked or burst.  Besides the problem of premature failure, Kitec as a company has stopped manufacturing its plumbing products. This creates the additional problem that even if only small repairs are required, the parts for these repairs are no longer available on the market.


Due to the unpredictability of Kitec plumbing, many home insurance companies also refuse to insure Kitec-equipped homes, necessitating their replacement.

How do I know if I have Kitec in my home?

Check for pipes under your sinks, behind a washing machine, or near the hot water tank where the pipes connect. If you have Kitec plumbing in your home, you generally will notice bright blue plastic pipe for the cold water supply and red or orange plastic pipe for hot water. Kitec plumbing is also labeled with one of the following names: Kitec, Kitec XPA, XPA, IPEX, AQUA, PlumbBetter, WarmRite, AmbioComfort, KERR Controls or Plomberie Améliorée.

Kitec Replacement Solutions for the GTA

B-Tek is specialized in kitec replacement in high- and low-rise condominiums in the GTA. Our knowledgeable employees – in the office and in the field – specialize not only in plumbing and repairs, but also in customer service. Our licensed plumebrs are certified in Uponor installation, guaranteeing you a 25 year manufacturer's warranty on the plumbing. Our experience working with unit owners, property managers, Boards of Directors, and the building staff ensures that the regular life of your building community is not disturbed during an extensive building-wide Kitec replacement project.


We provide complete Kitec replacement services: from start to final finishes

We have a reputation in Toronto for commitment to customer satisfaction, completing projects at the highest quality and providing optimal results within your budget. Our skilled team know the ins and outs of Toronto condominium Kitec replacement and unit repairs.


We appreciate your home and protect your living space and belongings before any work even begins. Our team is committed to accommodating your needs and comfort during the Kitec repiping. This means removing our tools when we leave and cleaning up after each area as work is completed.


During Kitec pipe replacement, we offer the option of replacing your plumbing system with either copper or uponor. All our plumbers are uponor-certified, meaning along with our warranty for workmanship you also receive a 25-year warranty for the uponor pipe materials. In addition, our plumbers use uponor fittings.


We create minimal openings for plumbers to complete Kitec pipe repairs, and work our magic to make these openings disappear when Kitec plumbing work is complete. We use advanced colour-matching technology to match your wall finishes and perform a final cleaning after Kitec replacement is finished to restore your home to perfect condition.