As a facilities manager, we know that maintaining a building, old or new, can be a challenging task.

Issues can arise for the first time or the 100th time. See how we can help you below.



The lack of caulking or old and cracked exterior caulking can lead to cold air and moisture seeping inside the building and individual units. This results in higher heating bills and potentially interior drywall and flooring damages. This can all be prevented by ensuring that proper caulking is sealing all the windows and door frames. Contact us to find out what kind of caulking is appropriate and when re-caulking should take place.  

See below examples of what we can provide for exterior building maintenance.



Garages, balconies and mechanical rooms are big culprits of waterproofing failure in condominiums.  After conducting an inspection, we can recommend the proper materials and solutions to address the issues. Oftentimes, failure of waterproofing is not evident until water damage has occured in suites or common areas. Prevent water damages by ensuring proper maintenance and application of waterproofing. 



Concrete absorbs water and as temparatures fluctuate, the concrete will expand when the water it has absorbed drops to negative temparatures. Moisture retention results in a cycle of expanding and contracting overitme causing the concrete to crack and break apart. B-Tek Refurbishment can advise the proper way to remedy damaged concrete and propose long lasting solutions, no matter how big or how small the job.



Parking garages are subject to weather related conditions and heavy wear and tear from vehicles, road salt, moisture from snow and rain and much more. If you need a thourough garage cleaning, line repainting, or are concerned about the integrity of structural factors, B-Tek can provide a free consultation to advise proper maintenance of below ground and above ground garages.



Heated floors are commonly used for garage ramps and other common areas used by pedestrians and vehicles. If you need repairs to your existing system, or if you are looking to make the investment for the first time, contact B-Tek to learn how heated floors can save you money in the long term. 



Concrete doesn't have to be boring. From colour to texture and pattern, concrete can be a building design element of its own. Contact us to see what options we can provide. If you are looking to complete repairs on existing interlocking, or thinking of revitalising a space, B-Tek has experience creating custom interlock designs for various clients. 






As buildings age, the roofing membranes deteriorate and cause water damage issues. B-Tek can maintain and repair exisiting roofing systems in addition to completing new waterproofing and installing completely new membranes. See how sprayfoam technology can be used to effectively waterproof roofs.